How to Protect Yourself When Using Online Job Search Sites

It used to be when doing a job search, candidates would pick up the Sunday want ads and scan through their favorite categories. Today, virtually all job searching takes place on the internet at places such as job posting site and many others. In addition to the most well-known sites, there are specialized sites such as, which specializes in job placement for those looking to start at a salary of $100,000 plus. is another example of a specialized job search site that caters to the information technology job seeker. Most of us don’t think twice about posting our resumes on these sites but we all should be cautious. Things such as identity theft, scams, information harvesting, and more can happen to unsuspecting job applicants unless they use these suggestions:

Take a look at your online profile at each site. You should see a setting which either lists your resume as something like confidential or private. At some sites, private means no one can search and find your resume information; however, confidential will list everything except your personal data. Be sure to check into the security options of every site your resume is posted on.

Beware of various scams that can come disguised as legitimate job offers. Three such scams are:

Work-at-home scams typically involve paying an up-front fee to receive materials related to the work you supposedly will be doing. You either end up overpaying for something or end up getting nothing in return for your money. Examples include: stuffing envelopes, get paid to surf the web, sending emails, medical billing software, and more.

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