Disaster Strikes! Who Needs a Cast Iron Grain Mill?

In our world today we will never know when a natural or manmade disaster will happen. We see this in the news every day. So what does a cast iron grain mill have to do with this? Well, quite a bit. Some individuals and groups have made emergency preparedness a way of life. We can go online and find many web sites and blogs about being ready. While the reasons for the need are various in beliefs, the simple facts of natural disasters do happen with regularity. So, how does a The Grain Mill fit into the picture? Well think about this, fresh flour for your family when needed, possibly providing a service for others and if you had a couple of these cheap grain mills the use in bartering is endless.

Well, if you like to eat bread, flour is a key ingredient. Flour, water, yeast and salt in the correct proportion and you have hot bread out of the oven. Flour is a basic to many different foods and can be used in the daily nutritional needs for your family. I must also say that fresh flour is so much better for your family and loved ones that for that reason alone it is a tremendous value to own one of these inexpensive and reliable home grain mills. These types of mills can serve dual duty. Wheat, coffee, corn and soybeans are a few of the items that can be worked with for your family’s enjoyment. All of these can be incorporated into a family’s diet.

Trading your services of milling could be lucrative in times of disaster. I am not suggesting taking advantage of others in times of real need but, people need to eat or they get real grumpy. If you had stored up some grain and had a mill you could be real popular in your neighborhood. If you own a farm or small plot of land having even a small, cast iron grain mill would put you position for trading milled good for exchange of services or goods.

My last thought of having a couple of mills on hand is when things might start to get out of hand. People who have planned ahead will be in control of their surroundings. People who are not ready, and are looking for ways to better their environment, will be looking to find ways to care for their families. I have no idea what a grain grinder mill and fifty pounds of grain would be worth in that circumstance but it could be substantial.

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