Booking Meeting Rooms Online

Meeting rooms play a vital role in the development of organizational behavior. A meeting room is a place where crucial decision makers in an organization come together, share their ideas and try to arrive at a solution which is acceptable to the majority of those present.

If it is a small meeting group, the meeting might happen in the company’s board room. Sometimes the situation demands the pinnacle honchos of the organization to get together at a place which is not located within the office driveway, so that there is no distraction.

Budgetary meetings which set aside the budget to various sectors to start new projects demand another room beyond the office location. Ordinary situation, the business books an area in a top notch business hotel in the vicinity.

Now, with the prevalence of the internet, meetings between people located in different locations can happen without necessity for anyone to visit. In a tight economy, companies find ways to reduce the spending and online meeting systems are a perfect tool to save travel related costs. There are plenty of online meeting booking systems available. Some of them do not charge any amount for using the virtual meeting rooms. These types of meetings that happen in the virtual world are called web meetings.

Some popular web conferencing tools are WebEx, GoToMeeting, Live Meeting, Voxwire and Adobe Connect Pro. Voxwire and Connect Pro are completely browser-based , nor require any installation process to occur. These online meetings can range from 5 people up to 1000 people in size. The number of people who can attend is simply dependent on the internet bandwidth available. But a virtual meeting involving 50 members will only need limited bandwidth internet.

This software provides virtual meeting rooms offering services such as screen and desktop sharing, video conferencing, recording and playing back of meetings, whiteboard sharing, Microsof company PowerPoint sharing, sharing of shine spreadsheets and word documents, text chatting and managing user access. These meeting room software providers provide these services on a monthly rental basis.

For each month of service, charges starts at $35/month and may increase to $200/month. Most providers provide a a couple of weeks free trial pack for the users to get a feel of the application.

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